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Choosing The Best Liver Detox Program

I have many friends who have done the Master Cleanse as part of a routine liver cleansing program.  I know many that have had good results as well.  However, I find that this cleansing program, which is basically a fast, is often abused and not used as intended.

Liver Detox Program

The Master Cleanse is a fast that uses a drink made from lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and filtered water as a replacement for food.  It is to be carried on for 3 or more days. Some have gone as long as a month or more.  The intention is to give the body a break from food so that the liver can use more energy to detoxify the body of unhealthy toxins.

The Master Cleanse can possibly work well for detoxification in a healthy person.  And many nutritionists actually use it as a way to help balance blood sugar in a raging hypoglycemic.  However, for any detox program to work well, the body must have the required nutrients to completely convert the toxins into a harmless substance and finally eliminate them.  If the body is short on nutrient stores, which most people are, these partially conjugated toxins can become new and even more toxic substances and recirculate through the body. This is why many people feel sick when they detox. 

Most detox program are good at getting the body to release toxins from its tissues.  Any fast one does for enough time will result in a release of toxins from organs and tissue.  But what many detox programs miss is supporting the detox and drainage pathways of our bodies with essential nutrients.  

A better approach is a more gentle detoxification program that eliminates all foods that are hard to digest and hard on the liver. The body is then fed nutrient dense foods and supplements that will provide the needed fuel for the entire liver detoxification process. Exercise, saunas, magnesium baths are very helpful at elimination. And drinking lots of filtered water is essential in making a body spring cleanse a success.

A lifestyle of eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins and fats will already be helping you gently detox as you go along. But if you feel it's time to give it a good kick start, get some help picking the liver detox program that's best for you.

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