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What is Holistic Nutrition?

holistic nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is founded on an understanding of the big picture as was discussed in my previous blog post "What is Holistic Health?." It addresses the different aspects of the whole person and how the different parts may be affecting overall health.

Holistic nutrition understands that the we need to be fed emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. And what we are fed has a direct impact on who we are: You are what you eat! A holistic nutritionist acknowledges the bodyʼs need for pure, unadulterated, whole, natural, nutrient rich foods and water.

By giving the body these life-giving building blocks, the body in all of its wisdom and natural inclination towards wellness will grow healthy and strong and live longer. A body that is fed well and nourished is much more apt to be healthy in all of its aspects. After all, if our bodies are not well, our predominant concern becomes survival, and the other aspects of our person get put aside. By nourishing our bodies with the right nutrition, then we can better address the other aspects of who we are.

Think of someone you know that is sick and suffering. Quite often those who are sick are consumed with their health and can do little else. But when we are well, we can accomplish almost anything. A holistic nutritionist can teach you the fundamentals of good nutrition and healthy living.  They can help you to fine tune your diet so that you can find your optimal health and live a richer more abundant life.