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What can a holistic health coach do for you?

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The following are some of the main skills a well trained holistic health coach is able to offer you when seeking out their services.

Develop a comprehensive nutrition profile, including nutrition lifestyle goals.

A holistic health coach will assist you in developing a comprehensive, confidential nutrition analysis. Specialized training enables a holistic health coach to ask you pertinent questions necessary for defining personal health goals and providing you a customized nutrition program.

Analyze current nutritional status and lifestyle behavior patterns. 

There are many aspects involved in your nutritional status. Analysis of these components in conjunction with personal objectives, current lifestyle, and environmental factors by a holistic health coach provides a major benefit towards achieving your health goals.

Identify weakness and recommend improvement.

A holistic health coach's objective is to help you design a strategy for overcoming the weaknesses in your present health program and to provide specific recommendations to assist you in the achievement of improved health objectives.

Coordinate the implementation of your plan. 

Any nutritional program, no matter how impressive or well designed, is worthless to you unless you implement it. The true talent of a holistic health coach is seeing that all the elements of your program are put into effect and that you successfully carry them out. A holistic health coach is also responsible for coordinating the works of any other needed specialists.

Some of the content for this article was adapted from "The Role of the Holistic Nutrition Professional," a brochure distributed as a public service by: The National Association for Nutrition Professionals (

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