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Real Food For Real Humans

Morning TV can often times be very educational. However, since those shows are run by journalists and their producers, the information they provide can often be flawed. This morning on Good Morning America was a segment that asked an "expert" to share some "healthy" snack substitutes for kids and their parents. Surprisingly they exhibited selection of boxed manufactured foods that were being touted as HEALTHY just because they were low in calories, fat or sugar. There was no mention of what is NUTRITIOUS to eat. Instead they were recommending an ice cream sandwich that was low in fat and sugar. This is shocking!

Humans require a lot more than just protein-carb-fat formulas put together in a lab somewhere. Real people NEED live nutritious food that is loaded with plant and animal derived (not synthetic) vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients that can only be absorbed from CLEAN fruits, vegetables, organic meats, healthy fats and other booster foods like sea vegetables and spices. Don't kid yourself parents, manufactured boxed microwaved foods will NEVER substitute for REAL FOOD! It doesn't matter what the package claims. Teach your children from a young age to reach for an apple, carrots, salad... REAL FOOD. If you need help making the necessary changes in your home, then enlist the services of a well trained nutritionist or other health practitioner that believes in using REAL FOOD and holistic lifestyle recommendations for a healthy foundation.

If you're not getting four cups of vegetables, and two to three fruits a day, then you are starving your body of needed nutrients. And remember, a calorie isn't a calorie no matter where it comes from. Your body is more selective than that. You can eat an 800 calorie burger or a 800 calorie meal of vegetables and some protein and a little fat and your body will respond differently to that food. Your body knows what to do with the healthy meal. The burger it will have some questions with. Most likely it will store it in fat cells somewhere that is already crowded until it figures out what to do with it! Stop picking up boxes that say NATURAL and HEALTHY and go to the produce aisle. The produce department needs a new publicist!